Preliminary List of Speakers

Bayesian Models of Cognition

Neural Networks in Cognitive Neuroscience

Signal Processing of Neural Data

Frank Jäkel 

(Centre for Cognitive Science, TU Darmstadt): On Bayesian Modeling in Cognitive Science

Lilian Weber 

(Translational Neuromodeling Unit, University of Zurich / ETH Zurich): Modeling Uncertainty in Perception using the Hierarchical Gaussian Filter


Peggy Series 

(Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation, University of Edinburgh): Bayesian Modeling in Application: Computational Psychiatry


Falk Lieder 

(Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen): Bayesian Modeling in Application: Rationality Enhancement

Radoslaw Cichy 

(Department of Psychology and Education, Free University Berlin): The Value of Deep Neural Networks for the Scientific Inquiry in the Cognitive Sciences


Timo Flesch 

(Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford): Comparing Continual Task Learning in Minds and Machines


Stefan Rotter 

(Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Bernstein Center Freiburg): Experience-dependent Structural Plasticity and Network Remodeling


Carsten Mehring 

(Neurobiology and Neurotechnology, Bernstein Center Freiburg): Current Approaches in Neural Signal Analysis.


Michael Tangermann 

(Brain State Decoding Lab, University of Freiburg):  Brain State Decoding

Benedikt Ehinger 

(Predictive Brain Lab, Donders Institute, Nijmegen):  Deconvolution and Nonlinear Statistical Modelling of EEG

Tonio Ball 

(Translational Neurotechnology Lab, University of Freiburg)